This Too Shall Pass -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels deck. Click on picture to see.

Speak your truth with love. Be assertive. Find your voice. Stand your ground. Call upon the Angels for guidance, courage, and confidence. This situation is an opportunity for growth.

There could be an upcoming wedding, but more likely there is an internal merging of your masculine and feminine energies. Honor and love all parts of your self as you grow in wholeness and unity consciousness.

The ocean soothes and heals your soul. Visualize it washing away all that is bothering you. Drink more water. Take healing salt baths. Honor and heal your emotions. Release sadness and pain from the past. Open your heart. Get in touch with your true feelings and follow the guidance that you are given. This too shall pass.

Today, I flow with the ocean of life-by Star West


Today’s reading is from The Magical Unicorns Deck. Many believed Unicorns once freely walked the Earth. When their lives became endangered they shifted into a higher dimension and seemingly disappeared from the Earth. Perhaps we will be able to see them again in the future as we too shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. After all, we are in the midst of the Great Awakening and anything & everything is possible!

Things are unfolding for all in “Divine Timing.” This means that things are coming together at just the perfect time for all involved. Keep focusing on your intention and take positive action as you are guided with trust.

Have you been thinking about your Parents or still dealing with past issues? They love you deeply and did the best they could. This is the time to forgive them for everything and just be in love. Or if you are a Parent, forgive yourself. The past is over, it no longer needs to hurt or limit you. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

Water is especially healing for you right now. Perhaps you need to drink more and eat  fruits and vegetables. Once again you are being asked to be mindful of your diet. Detoxify your system. Maybe you need to cry to release any old pain. Maybe you need to be near the ocean for recharging. See how you might be able to include more of the water of life today.

Affirmation: Today, I flow with the ocean of Life.

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