Stand in Your Fire

The Page of Wands is a call to connect to your inner fire, passion, and creativity. What lights you up? Their energy is rebellious against the status quo. They are the warriors and revolutionaries. They are fearless and no dream is out of reach. If this sounds like you, keep going! Your time has come.

Divine Justice

Today’s Collective Message is about Divine and Karmic Justice, balancing the scales, and being accountable for your thoughts and actions. On a world scale, we will see clearly who has done what as all comes to Light. The Divine Feminine is rising and the balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine is being restored. We are nearing completion of one cycle and beginning another. It is an optimum time to tie up loose ends, make amends, and visualize the New Earth that you are co-creating with every breath, thought, feeling, and action.

Ground The Light

What we are currently witnessing is the downfall and exposure of corruption and deep dark evil behind all of our systems, especially religion and it’s nefarious leaders. While it may be shocking to many, many others will celebrate because they know that what we are witnessing is the Return of Our Planet to Light and Love. The end of a long 26,000 year cycle, the long heralded Age of Aquarius. The Queen of Pentacles is advising you to hold and ground your Light with Love. It is needed now, more than ever.

Today’s Message 4/12/23

The energies are Quickening and Aligning. This will speed up the manifestation process, so be extra vigilant over your thoughts, as they will more quickly manifest into form. Release powerless victim conciousness and step into your Freedom, Abundance and Sovereignty. The way forward is through the Heart. What are you wanting on a personal and Collective level? Align your thoughts with your heart and move forward from there.

Be the Calm in the Storm

Today’s Message is about facing your subconscious fears, shadows and old trauma stored in the body. Observe and release if you are ready to let go, heal, and make space for the Higher Energies. You are here to ground and hold the Higher Energies and be the Calm in the Storm.

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Today’s Message 3/27/23

The Two of Swords card calls you to go within and get clear and still before speaking out. The Swords suit in Tarot represent thoughts, words, communication, and the mental level of Consciousness. Do you need a time out from someone, or are you avoiding and giving them the silent treatment? In either case, a truce is needed followed by reconciliation and healing.

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