Move Forward With Grace And Ease -by Star West ✭


Today’s message is from Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. It is a message of Grace and seeing your own graceful beauty. This will help you increase your own self confidence and self worth. As you begin to see more and more of your own Divine Perfection within, your outer world will shift to match your inner vibration and everyone and everything around you will benefit. Today, gracefully embrace everything that comes your way. Move forward with grace and ease. The world is awaiting.

You Are Being Divinely Guided Right Now -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the following 3 decks: Indigo Angel, Mary, Queen of Angels, and Healing With The Angels. Click on the picture to see clearly and pay attention to your initial thoughts and feelings.

Is there anyone or anything in your life you are rejecting? Accepting your life completely will help you to move forward right now. While this may not be easy or seem fair, know that you can’t change everything that you don’t like, and certain things must be tolerated in this lifetime. Empower yourself by setting clear boundaries. Speak up for yourself with love, not fear. You are being Divinely guided right now. It is important to follow any guidance you are given through your intuition, visions, knowingness, and inner voice. Trust and act on it. Remember to ask the Angels, or whoever you feel aligned with, for guidance, help, comfort, release, and most of all, love.

God Has a Plan, Trust it -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from 3 different decks: Indigo Angel, Mary, Queen of Angels, and Magical Unicorns. Click on the picture to see clearly and pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come up.

In order to have the freedom that you truly desire, you must first release what no longer serves you, whatever is holding you back. Release control over your dreams and allow the Angels to guide you with their infinite wisdom and love. Whatever it is that you are concerned about, Heaven has the answers you seek. Worry tends to attract negativity, so it is essential to surrender your anxieties concerning your physical situation, your family, loved ones, or anything else that is bothering you to God, Mother Mary and the Angels. Trust that God is watching over you and has a plan. Breathe in peace and exhale anxiety and trust God with the details. The changes that you are going through now are positive. You’re walking through a gate into a new life. Let go of things that are no longer working for you. Take care of yourself during these changes and find support. Trust and have faith that everything is working out for your highest good and the highest good of your loved ones and the planet.

Notice the Signs -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from the beautiful Mother Mary Deck. Mother Mary is considered the Queen of Angels and the Queen of Unconditional Love. Click on the picture to see each card more clearly. Notice any thoughts and feelings that may come to you and the messages your own Guardian Angels and Higher Self may be bringing through to you.

There is a need here to rebalance. Perhaps you’ve been giving too much and are feeling tired and drained. If it doesn’t seem possible to create new experiences of receiving because people are being uncooperative, call upon Mother Mary to help heal this pattern. Or maybe you’ve been over-receptive, and taking more than you’re willing to give. This can leave you feeling stuck or experiencing financial difficulties. Both of these patterns are easily healed by practicing daily giving and receiving. These can be very simple gestures such as smiling, saying hi, listening, complimenting, receiving a compliment, asking and accepting help.

You are being asked to pay more attention to the signs that come to you. They may repeat themselves again and again until you notice them and take some kind of action if you are so guided. As you listen, you will get a sense of Heaven’s unceasing participation in your life, which helps you feel safer and more loved. If you are not sure what the signs mean, ask Mother Mary and the Angels for clarification. After all, they want to clearly communicate their love to you.

You are being asked to wait for Divine Timing. Do not try to control, force, or push your own agenda. You may miss out on a much better alternative if you do. Ask Mother Mary to help you demonstrate her infinite patience and trust in God’s perfect timing.

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