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You are a natural counselor and people come to you to seek out your wise, loving, compassionate counsel. This is an important part of your life purpose and career path, one in which your words are a healing modality. Step into your rightful place as a Master and Leader. Cast aside your self doubts. There is no need to wait until you are “perfect” to begin. After all, it is not you who heals, it is your Higher and Divine self channeling through you. To assist with this process, it is essential to express yourself through a creative outlet. Creative expression allows you to connect with God and the Angels at a very high frequency. It helps you remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck, especially perfectionism. Create for the sheer pleasure. Choose whatever medium makes your soul sing. It matters not that you do it well or even share it with others, but that you do it without delay.

Create! -by Star West ✭


You drew this card because you’re most likely feeling stuck or blocked. The Angels are guiding you to awaken your creativity by engaging in an art or craft without delay. This artistic endeavor doesn’t need to be seen or heard by others, and it’s not necessarily the end product of your life purpose. It’s the act of creative expression-not the form it takes-that’s important here.  When you work with light, sound, color, or music, your mind travels to higher dimensions, where you can more clearly hear your Divine guidance in the unique expression of your self. Creative expression is an outpouring of love and light that allows you to connect to God and the Angels at a very high frequency. So while you are involved in the act of creation, in whatever form you choose, you’ll receive inspiration and guidance related to your life purpose.  It’s important to take action as soon as you can without delay or hesitation and not put off a decision about what form your creative expression will take. Perfectionism is part of the original block that you need to lift through creative avenues. Once you start creating again, much inner healing will occur.

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