Stay Grounded In Truth

Stay Grounded in the truth of your Higher Self by being vigilant over your thoughts. Thoughts create your energy, vibration, and reality. Call upon Archangel Michael to cut all toxic cords, be it to people, situations, or thoughts. Shift your mental perspective from fear to love. To stop habitual negative thoughts, move from your mind into your heart. If the negative mental chatter is overwhelming, move your body, do yoga, dance, sing, go outside, break your routine. We are all on the Wheel of Life with all its highs and lows. And, we are experiencing very potent energies as the Lions Gate portal is open and reaching it’s peak on 8/8. This is a powerful Gateway and Alignment, and it is normal for unresolved issues and past trauma to come up. Trust and know that wherever you find yourself on the wheel, this too shall pass, and you will rise again. It is your destiny. And as the beautiful Star card represents, hope and inspiration are on their way. Hold on! Breathe, trust, and keep going.

DNA Activation September

Originally posted on Heart Star:
Hello dear All, Welcome to this month’s 10-10 DNA activation (10-9-2017=10-9-10), which is enhanced through the flow of the 9-9 Gate ~ a high focus of Angelic Light into and around the Earth to all life here, through the emerald green light vibration of healing, refreshment and new life. For…

Great New Beginnings – Star West ★


You are being guided to go within, and take some time for reflection and meditation. This is a time of heightened psychic awareness. Through meditation, you  get in touch with your spiritual gifts, dreams and life purpose. Trust your intuition. Open your heart and quiet your mind to receive from Heaven. Once you are aware of what your dream is, it is important to nurture and protect it. Like a baby growing within the womb, it is very fragile. It is best not to share your plans and dreams with people who are unsupportive and could cause you to doubt. It is not necessary for you to bare all to everyone. It would be very helpful to look back over your life and see how each day of your life has led you to this moment. See what you would like to bring in and what you would like to release. What would you like to do differently? Write it down and read it often. This is truly a time of great new beginnings.

The Victory of Love Transcends All Illusion – Star West ★


Much love and healing is available to you now. Call upon Archangel Raphael to heal any and all old pain. Be willing to release it. Love yourself and extend to yourself the compassion that you give to others. As you do, the light from your heart center will shine and bring to you all that you need. Meditate on the increasing light in your heart center: “My heart center, my fourth chakra is open to its perfect, healthy, and joyful state. The energy of love flows through me now. I live in love.” The victory of the heart is the greatest victory of all and holds the power to transcend all illusion, especially about yourself.

Relax, and Move Out of Your Own Way


Take time to meditate, rest, and relax! Find time to just  let go. Allow yourself to go within and open to the peace and wisdom that are vibrating there.  Your connection to Spirit can only be achieved through regular relaxation and meditation. When you hurry and rush without a break, it fragments your energy which causes frustration and frustrating experiences.  Be careful not to let endless tasks take you away from your Self. This is a time for you to find out what your true passion is and how to express that through your work and career. Some more research and information may be needed and the Angels and guides will lead you to the right place. Pay special attention to recurring thoughts, feelings, and ideas that encourage you to take a class, read a book, etc. Put yourself out there beyond your comfort zone and illusions of security. Move out of your own way. The doors of light are open.

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For – By Star West ★


Trust and act upon the ideas that have been coming to you as they are Divine Guidance and the answers to what you have been praying and asking about. You already know the truth of this. Act upon this knowing, and trust the Universe to support your needs in this transition. Keep your crown chakra clear through meditation. It is the portal through which the Divine speaks to you and brings in downloads of information and ideas. It can become blocked when you dismiss, ignore, doubt, hesitate, and fail to take action. Incredible inventions and manifestations begin as ideas and daydreams. You are here on a mission to transform the Planet as an Indigo,starseed, lightworker, or whatever name you choose to give it. Everyone alive at this time has an important and essential role to play. Only the strongest of the strong have been chosen to be here now as warriors to anchor in the love and light pouring in from Heaven.  Release any pain from the past and any behaviors or addictions that are holding you back. Now is your time. You are the one you have been waiting for.

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Love, Forgive, and Accept Yourself Exactly As You Are -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Healing With The Angels. This is a beautiful deck and one of my first. Click on the picture to see clearly and notice what initial thoughts and feelings come up for you. I feel guided to include the meditation I did right before this reading: Chakra Clearing Morning Meditation by Doreen Virtue.

Divine love surrounds you now more than ever before. The only thing that prevents you from feeling it is your fear. Release it now. Ask your Angels for help. You are not alone and you have never been abandoned. This is a time when studying and learning new skills is especially supported. Although you may be anxious to apply your new knowledge, it is more important to enjoy the process of learning and integrate the knowledge. Read, listen, and grow. Stay focused in the present. Accept yourself exactly as  you are and exactly where you are in your journey. There is extra emphasis on this, as this was the exact same card in the exact same position as in yesterday’s reading. What are the chances? I am a really good shuffler! So, remember, you are loved unconditionally and there is nothing that you could have ever said, thought, or done that would change God’s love for you. In order to move forward, you must learn to love, forgive, and accept yourself. This is what has been holding you back. If you are truly ready to move forward to the next step, ask for guidance in loving, forgiving, and accepting yourself.

Focus On What You Want, Not On What You Don’t -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from a blending of 3 different decks: Archangel Michael, Magical Unicorns, and Healing With The Angels. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and pay attention to your first impressions.

We would all love to see Angels and Unicorns in our waking state (at least I would!), but because their vibration and frequency is so much higher and faster than ours right now it is not yet possible. We can however ask to see them in our dream state and in meditation. Call upon them there for clear guidance or whatever is in your heart. We are actually very busy during our sleep time, when our bodies are resting but our spirits are flying free. You can ask a specific question and see if an answer comes upon awakening. You may want to keep a journal nearby and upon waking write down what you remember. In your waking time, keep it simple. What is it your heart truly wants? Perhaps you have made things too complicated or need to clean up some area of your life, your external space, a relationship, or your mind. Focus on what’s truly important and essential, and let everything else go. The more focused and clear you are about what you would like to manifest in your life, the faster it will materialize into reality. Remember to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t.

Your Gifts Bless the World -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from 3 different decks: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, Indigo Angel, and Magical Unicorns. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and notice what thoughts and feelings you receive.

This is a time to wait before taking action. There is new information coming to you that will guide you in a more positive direction. You will know when the time is right. In the meantime, take some time to reflect, meditate, and pray. Be patient and remember to breathe. Affirm: “I have infinite patience, and I am Divinely guided to always be in the right place at the perfect time.” Prayer is an opportunity to align yourself with your Higher self and the mind of God. Your thoughts and words are more powerful than you think. This is a reminder to pray and think positively, because negative thoughts and words can actually block you from living your Divine life purpose and dreams, especially if on a deep level, you don’t believe you are worthy of all the good you desire. Prayer lifts your vibration. Trust that you are just where you need to be. The more you can do this, the more you will feel Angels guiding and uplifting you. Your uniqueness and special gifts are needed now to assist in the healing of the world. You are highly intelligent and creative. Although in the past you may have felt different than others, and as if something was wrong with you, you can now clearly know that you are gifted and your gifts bless the world.

Love is the Greatest Healer -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards. Click on the picture to see clearly and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you. Trust them. I am also including a beautiful meditation to activate the one heart within.  Happy full moon!

Be clear about what it is you truly desire. Instead of waiting for something externally to happen, go deep within. You must decide what you want before anything can change. Once you decide, then ask your Angels and guides for guidance. You are sensitive to energy, so be sure to clear and protect yourself on a daily basis. You carry healing energy within you and will benefit from giving and receiving healing. Now is the time to heal old issues that may be rooted in childhood and concerning your family. Ask for guidance or seek help to heal and release these old patterns. Forgive everyone for everything, especially yourself. Remember, Love is the greatest healer.

Play and Release the Illusion of Work -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck. Click on the picture to see clearly and notice what thoughts and feelings come up for you.

Play Time! This card indicates that you’ve been pushing and working too hard, and that you’ve lost your focus. You are striving more out of habit and conditioning than out of a clear direction. It is an illusion to think that if you work harder and longer, you will accomplish more. Same as when you’re in a hurry and you think by rushing, you will get more done more quickly, when in actuality, when you rush, you get nervous and anxious and tend to make mistakes, thus taking longer to do whatever it is. The energy of the dolphins is asking you to stop, and come into a place of stillness to regain your focus and recharge your energy. Any kind of playfulness will shake up your ruts and routines, and allow you to regain perspective on what is truly important and what is not. Playing is a magical form of meditation, as it opens your heart chakra and allows your creative spirit to tap into Divine Wisdom. If your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity, the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.

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