Open Your Heart To Receive Heaven’s Gifts -By Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. Click on the picture and notice what comes up for you.

Surround yourself with all things positive! The more you can, the quicker your dreams will come into being. If your desire is to be in a great soulmate relationship, this is a good time to create one or maintain one. Let it happen naturally and enjoy the process. Dance with the movement that your manifestation has created for you. Let Heaven take care of the details. By nature, you are a giver, and you help so many people. It is time for you to receive graciously and allow others to also receive the joy of giving. Open your heart to receive Heaven’s gifts. By receiving, you balance the masculine and feminine energies within you, and swim in the flow of life, washing away old stale energy, and allowing the new,  and your highest good to come to you. The act of receiving is healing and a powerful step in the manifestation process.

You Are Not In This Alone -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the 3 different decks of: Indigo Angel, Magical Unicorns, and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. Click on the picture and notice your first impressions. Have a magical day filled with the light of Heaven.

Archangel Raphael works with healing and health on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. If you have health concerns, make sure that you are not making it who you are. Detach from the situation and know it is only temporary. Call upon Archangel Raphael for healing and help and follow any guidance you receive. This card can also signify that you are a Healer and that you should move forward with your healing training and work. You have a special bond with a Grandparent, or an older being. They are watching over you with love and wisdom. Be open to receiving help from others. With the help of others, you will be more able to manifest your Divine life purpose and dreams. Be sure to ask for assistance. You are not in this alone.

Father Healing -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the ANGEL TAROT CARDS, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, and HEALING WITH THE ANGELS ORACLE CARDS. Click on the picture and as always, notice what feelings and thoughts come up for you. The song I can’t get out of my head is: Right click on the link and click open link in new tab to listen while you’re reading the message.

Stay grounded. The energies are supporting the flow of abundance into all areas of your life. Use the Law of Attraction by sending out love and positive energy to the Planet. You are starting to see that through visualizing and planning, you can manifest your true dreams and desires. Anything is possible.  Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven. “Universal energies are either male or female. Male energy is expansive and giving. Female energy is nurturing and receptive. If we’re unhealed with respect to our father, the Universe seems to be ungenerous. If we’re unhealed toward our mother, we won’t accept the gifts the Universe offers us.  The more you focus on the spiritual truth of your father (which is love) , the more your heart will be receptive to the Universe’s continuous and all-encompassing giving. Accept your rightful bounty, and open your arms to your Divine inheritance. Affirm: I now focus on the love that is the spiritual truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us. I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.” Amen!  You are not alone. You are surrounded by your Angels and guides. You are supported, loved and guided at all times. Call upon them more. They are real.

Yes, You Are That Powerful -by Star West ✭

Today’s reading comes from three different decks:  Indigo Angel, Magical Unicorns, and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. I asked a specific question, How can we go home or bring Home here?  Today’s song is True Colors by a beautiful Angel, Eva Cassidy. Right click the links and click open link in a new tab to hear while you read the message.  Notice any thoughts & feelings you receive.

Although this world thus far has made you feel sad and like an unwanted visitor at times, all that’s about to change. It starts from you remembering who you really are and believing in yourself.  Realize your unlimited potential and release all self doubts and fears to Heaven.  The more you begin to believe in yourself, the more your Angels, guides and Higher self can assist and guide you Home.  It is important right now to simplify and clear things both internally and externally.  When you clean the space around you,  your mind feels more clear and focused.  Your energy also increases.  Focus in your heart on that which is most important to you, and everything else will fall into place.  Don’t overthink it.  Keep it simple.  Your true inner power wants to make itself known and is rising to the surface. Empowerment means you are no longer willing or choose to see yourself as a victim in any way.  It means releasing all blame concerning other people, your past or present circumstance.  Affirm: “It’s safe for me to be powerful!  I accept my God-given power to be used in the service of love and light.”  Then, enjoy the shifts you see around you. You are creating your own reality as a powerful creator being.  Yes, you are that powerful.

Play and Release the Illusion of Work -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck. Click on the picture to see clearly and notice what thoughts and feelings come up for you.

Play Time! This card indicates that you’ve been pushing and working too hard, and that you’ve lost your focus. You are striving more out of habit and conditioning than out of a clear direction. It is an illusion to think that if you work harder and longer, you will accomplish more. Same as when you’re in a hurry and you think by rushing, you will get more done more quickly, when in actuality, when you rush, you get nervous and anxious and tend to make mistakes, thus taking longer to do whatever it is. The energy of the dolphins is asking you to stop, and come into a place of stillness to regain your focus and recharge your energy. Any kind of playfulness will shake up your ruts and routines, and allow you to regain perspective on what is truly important and what is not. Playing is a magical form of meditation, as it opens your heart chakra and allows your creative spirit to tap into Divine Wisdom. If your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity, the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.

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