Make Seeing Love Your Highest Priority – Star West ★


See with your heart beyond your physical senses. This is clairvoyance and true sight and where Heaven’s love lives. Align your physical life with the integrity of your heart. Move towards love with each step. Choose to see through the eyes of Love. This raises your vibration and the vibration of the Planet. Make seeing Love in all things your Highest priority.

You Got This! – Star West ★


Nurture yourself and close others. Declutter and bring beauty to each situation to raise your frequency. You are strong enough to deal with present challenges and conflicts with others. All of your past experiences have prepared you for this moment. Step back to see a bigger picture. Step through the illusion of fear and drama into the reality of love. Be willing to compromise and see others point of view. They may be reflecting unresolved issues that you still are dealing with. Pay attention to your thoughts to see if they are contributing to the challenges you are facing. Detach from drama with grace and integrity. Give others credit for their good intentions. Be willing to see and think differently. Ask the Angels for help with this. All they require is your permission, invitation and your willingness.  Deep within your innermost self, you know what to do. You have a brilliant mind, and you are powerful. Your past experience has made you strong.  Now is the time to focus on your career and Life Purpose. Put this before any romantic relationship. You got this!

Create In Truth & Balance – Star West ☆


Today’s reading comes from the Healing With The Angels deck.

Manifestation is the process by which all thoughts transform into tangible form.  It begins with a thought and then a feeling. If the emotion is of love, an embryo is born. You nourish your newborn idea by believing in it and by following the guidance that you are given by God and the Angels through your feelings, dreams and visions. Believe and focus on what you want. Love it into being.

You are being guided to be completely honest with yourself and to be true to yourself in all of your activities and actions. Be authentic and release anything that does not mirror your highest intention for yourself. Be willing to release anything in your life that isn’t working to God and the Angels. Expect a miracle when you decide to be true to yourself.

BALANCE your life between work, play, spirituality, exercise, and relationships. Once again, you are being reminded of the need to take time to PLAY, whatever that may look like for you. Remember to ask your Angels for help when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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