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This is an important time to study, gather information, and learn new things, whether it involves a formal or informal education. Trust that all you need: teachers and money will be provided for you. This new knowledge will help you remember what you forgot when you incarnated here and assist you with personal growth and your life purpose. Have faith, hope and patience. Integrate the new knowledge and energies. Focus on what you want to create in your life. Manifestation begins in your thoughts before it can be seen in the physical realm.


You Have The Magic Power! – Star West ★


Focus your intentions on what you want to create, and eliminate distractions. Utilize all your skills and resources. Anchor in the energies from Heaven to Earth. Stay grounded and balanced in all your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is a powerful time of manifestation and the Law of Attraction is more instantaneous than ever.  Success is guaranteed, and all of your efforts are about to be realized. As above, so below.  This is a time to go for it! Trust your intuition and guidance and take action. The recent powerful alignments and gateways are fully supporting new beginnings and going for your dreams without further delay. Here we have the number 1 and 1 which equal 11, a number of Awakening and manifesting. Integrate the Divine Feminine and balance your inner male and female. Listen to the intuitive voice of your feminine and take action with your masculine energy. You are here to be a powerful leader and show many the way through your example. Your time has come.

Embrace The New -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading is from Healing With The Angels. Click on the picture and notice what thoughts and feelings come up for you.

Your heart yearns for love and connection. The Angels guide you to take steps to manifest this desire. Release all your relationship(s) to them so that they can either elevate them to a soulmate level, or help you to gently end them so that new love may appear. Either way, they will assist you and give you clear steps to take if you ask. In the meantime, this is an important time for you to study and learn new skills or ideas. Now is not the time to rush into action, but a time to integrate the knowledge and energies. Stay focused in the present and enjoy the process. Embrace the new in your life. You are entering a brand new cycle.  Release the old and familiar. Step beyond your comfort zone. Only good is waiting there.

Begin Again -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the 3 decks of: Indigo Angel, Angel Tarot, and Healing With The Angels. Click on the picture to see clearly, and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you.

The Angels and all of Heaven are standing by waiting to be invited into your life. They respect your free will and will not intervene unless specifically asked. If you are feeling stuck or confused, ask them for guidance. They will gladly give you signs and point you in the right direction and lead you to the next best step. Take some time to integrate any new energies you may be feeling. Regroup and reflect. See things from a different viewpoint. Get in touch with your own power. Stay positive, be grateful and generous. Begin again. Embrace the new in your life. Release the old and familiar, especially if it is no longer serving you. Call upon the Angels when the new scares you. They will surround you with loving energies.

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