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Today’s reading is once again from the Indigo Angel Deck.  Archangel Metatron is the Angel who watches over the Indigos and highly sensitive people. Call upon him often for help and guidance.

If you are feeling stuck or confused, ask for a sign! Signs are some of the most clear and consistent ways that Angels interact with us. They can come in many ways, through number sequences, i.e, 1111, feathers in your path, synchronistic events, people, books, a song,  or guidance coming to you just when you need it. Don’t forget to ask! They respect your free will and they will never intervene, except for a life-threatening situation, without your request.

As an Indigo or highly sensitive person you have intense emotions. This card is a reminder to find a creative and positive release for your emotions so you can move forward freely and in peace. Ask the Angels to help you express yourself in loving and positive ways.  Don’t forget to breathe!

You may often have a hard time relating to others due to your heightened sensitivity and intense emotions. You easily pick up and absorb energy from others. This card is showing you how much the energy of other people is affecting you. Or it could be guiding you to open yourself up and let others in. Friendship is an exchange of energy and emotion, and as an Indigo, you connect more deeply than most, but can also be more closed off. Take time to consider how the energy or lack of friendship is affecting your thoughts and how you feel about yourself.  Ask the Angels for guidance with friendship.

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