Yes, You Are That Powerful -by Star West ✭

Today’s reading comes from three different decks:  Indigo Angel, Magical Unicorns, and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. I asked a specific question, How can we go home or bring Home here?  Today’s song is True Colors by a beautiful Angel, Eva Cassidy. Right click the links and click open link in a new tab to hear while you read the message.  Notice any thoughts & feelings you receive.

Although this world thus far has made you feel sad and like an unwanted visitor at times, all that’s about to change. It starts from you remembering who you really are and believing in yourself.  Realize your unlimited potential and release all self doubts and fears to Heaven.  The more you begin to believe in yourself, the more your Angels, guides and Higher self can assist and guide you Home.  It is important right now to simplify and clear things both internally and externally.  When you clean the space around you,  your mind feels more clear and focused.  Your energy also increases.  Focus in your heart on that which is most important to you, and everything else will fall into place.  Don’t overthink it.  Keep it simple.  Your true inner power wants to make itself known and is rising to the surface. Empowerment means you are no longer willing or choose to see yourself as a victim in any way.  It means releasing all blame concerning other people, your past or present circumstance.  Affirm: “It’s safe for me to be powerful!  I accept my God-given power to be used in the service of love and light.”  Then, enjoy the shifts you see around you. You are creating your own reality as a powerful creator being.  Yes, you are that powerful.

Let Love and Laughter Set You Free Today -by Star West ✭


Today’s love and light filled message comes from the Indigo Angel and Magical Unicorn decks. Lighten up, lay down your burden, love and laugh! Click on the picture to see each card clearly and pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that come up. Find joy today. Don’t take life so seriously, it’s not like any of us are going to get out of here alive! Today’s song:

FREEDOM- In order to feel more free, release all that no longer serves you. This most likely will involve change in some form. You may feel guided to move, do different work that your soul is calling you to, leave an unhealthy relationship or toxic situation, release addictions or bad habits. As an Indigo or otherwise extremely sensitive person, you have an innate ability to see unnecessary rules and restrictions. But sometimes you may unknowingly impose your own rules and restrictions upon yourself. Release control over your desires. Freely dream big for yourself and the planet, and allow the Angels to guide you with their infinite love and wisdom.

ALLOW LOVE- You may feel rejected when any rules are imposed on you or people close to you are upset with you or correct your behavior. Although it is your role to question rules and situations that seem unfair, this card is inviting you to see that sometimes people are lovingly looking out for your best interests. In order to recreate society and this planet, you need to follow some of the rules and play the game. Your role in the world will be shown more and more clearly to you. Meditate on this and see if it applies to your present situation. Let down your defenses and see with the eyes of love. Only the love in any situation is real.

LAUGHTER- You have been so serious lately that you’re feeling stressed. This card asks you to see the humor in each situation and not take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humor and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what is happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happiness into your life and everyone you touch. Feel the magic.

Go Forward Fearlessly


Today’s message comes from the Indigo Angel and Archangel Michael decks. Powerful and clear reading! Click on the picture to see clearly and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you. This is the song that came to me, Good Mother, by Jann Arden.

GO FORWARD FEARLESSLY! This card is a sign that you are on the right path and it is safe for you to move forward with your plans. As long as you hold intentions that are focused on your heart’s desire, your steps will be automatically going in the right direction.  Right now, it is important to take action, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, toward your desired outcome. Ask Archangel Michael for guidance and to show you the next step. In this reading he clearly has your back! He is protecting and supporting you through these significant life changes. Archangel Michael is the giver of strength and helps you release fear and have self-confidence. Ask and allow this magnificent Angel to bring a comforting sense of protection to you. When he is near, you may notice a great warmth due to his warrior energy filled with love and strength. Bask in the glow.

Mother Mary is with you as well. She is known as the “Queen of the Angels.” She is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. This card asks you to look at the people in your life, including yourself with this same love. Mother Mary can help you embrace your gifts and talents and honor yourself in every moment. Call upon Mother mary to open your heart and make you aware of what a blessing you are to this planet.

Follow the Path of Freedom -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Indigo Angel deck and the Archangel Oracle Cards. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and notice any thoughts and feelings that you receive.

Express gratitude for the special people and all the good in your life. Focus on all you have been given and have instead of what is missing. The more you can do this, the more greater good will come into your life and the sooner your dreams will come true and manifest into reality. You may have experienced a major change lately and with changes you may be feeling some grief over what you left behind. Allow your heart to heal and take some time to reflect and journal your feelings. Continue to release the past and all that no longer serves you and follow the path of freedom.

You are a Bridge Between Heaven and Earth -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from Angel Therapy and the Indigo Angel decks. Oracle cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect with Angels. They’re based upon Pythagorean numerology, which states that all numbers and images vibrate in mathematically precise ways. You can’t make a mistake with these oracle cards because they operate under the infallible Universal Law of Attraction. This means that your question (or those of the person you’re reading for) always attract the perfect cards as their answers. That means you’ll always pull the card whose answer matches the vibration of the question. Very cool.

Today’s reading is all about opening up to the higher energies that are even more available to you as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds continues to thin. It is important to make time for creative expression and balance work and play. Music is a powerful way to connect your soul with the physical realm. Sing and dance. Free your soul. You are becoming more and more open to higher and spiritual energies. Pay close attention to messages you may receive and to your life’s calling in service to others. Be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Anchor and ground the higher energies. Explore your options and your path. It is safe and you can always choose again.

You Are a Spiritual Warrior and Your Time is Now -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Indigo Angel and Angel Therapy decks. Click on the picture to see clearly and notice any thoughts or feelings you receive.

Trust that there is a Divine plan in motion despite the chaos and intensity around you. Keep going and believe in yourself. The world needs you. Love yourself and trust your feelings. Trust the wisdom of your heart and the important changes it is guiding you to make. Every time you defy your inner feelings, your heart breaks a little bit. Repair your heart and your relationship with yourself by honoring your emotions. Open your heart to love, even though you’ve been hurt in the past. It is now safe for you to feel love and other emotions. Call upon the Angels to protect your heart and for guidance, support, and courage. Visualize pink light around you, carry a rose quartz crystal, or buy pink roses to keep your heart open and to surround yourself with love.  You are here to speak your truth. Now is the time for change, and you are one of the spiritual warriors in charge of initiating that shift. Be sensitive to others so that your message will be clearly heard and received.

You Shall Be Released -by Star West ✭


Today’s powerful and very clear message comes from three different decks, Archangel Michael, Indigo Angel, and Angel Therapy. It is time for you to reclaim your Freedom and who you truly are through the process of loving and honoring yourself and releasing addictions and all patterns that no longer serve you. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and click on the link to hear the song.

Any aspects of your life that are dysfunctional are adversely affecting your self-esteem. It is time to take action. This can include leaving an abusive situation, getting counseling or joining a support group, forgiving yourself and others, or letting go of behaviors that you know deep down aren’t healthy or right for you. Command respect from others. Speak up for yourself and mean it.

As an Indigo or highly sensitive and intuitive person, it is easy for you to see when others are being controlled or manipulated. But sometimes, you may unknowingly impose your own restrictions and rules upon yourself. Release control over your desires. Let go. Freely dream big for yourself and the Planet and ask the Angels and your Higher self for guidance.

It is now time to release addictive behaviors, as they are interfering with your health, happiness, and life purpose. Be completely honest with yourself to see how these addictions are holding you back and blocking you from your true desires. It begins by making a clear decision on your part to let the addictions go. When you are emotionally ready, call upon Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing, “Archangel Raphael, I am now ready to release these addictions to you and Heaven. Please cut all of the roots, cords, and webs attached to these addictions; and lift them to the light for transmutation and healing.” Visualize his emerald green healing light surrounding, filling and healing you. Ask him to take away the cravings. He will.

It is Time to be the Spiritual Warrior You Came Here To Be -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading is from the deeply beautiful Indigo Angel deck. This deck was especially formulated for the highly sensitives among us, and everyone who feels a Higher calling. Call upon Archangel Metatron often for help and guidance. Click on the picture to see clearly.

Learn Something New: This card is an indication that there is new information waiting for you. When this card comes up, it is often a calling to start or complete something that you already know on a deep level that you are being called to do. Let this be your confirmation that the time is now. It is also time to break out of your comfort zone and try new things. Take it one step at a time, but keep moving forward. Follow your dreams and calling, even if they don’t seem to make sense. They will.

Your Divine purpose is something you chose to experience on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You are being asked to focus on your Higher calling , choose the path that leads you there, and release temporary distractions. Your Divine purpose is to bring about the changes our Planet needs as we shift into the next level of Higher consciousness. It is time for you to realize just how powerful and essential your role in this great shift is and your call to leadership!

Expression: It is time for you to speak your truth. This is a big part of your Divine purpose and why you are here. For so long, people have not spoken up and has a result humanity has been disempowered and lived under the tyrannical control of the few in power. All that is about to change, and you are one of the spiritual warriors in charge of initiating that shift. Ask the Angels to guide you in ways that allow you to be heard. Be sensitive to others in expressing your opinions and concerns.

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