Jesus (Yeshua)

Who was Jesus? Did he die on the cross? What did he accomplish?

Based on this reading, it shows that He did indeed Surrender His Will to God and went the way of the Cross. His death and Ascension opened a Huge Gateway, a Major Shift, a Portal of Light that is now Activating, as one cycle is ending and a New one is Beginning that will usher in the Age of Light. There will be much Celebration and Good News. It will feel like a Homecoming. Are you ready? Will You Choose to Walk Through the Gateway?

Walk Through

“I Seed My Brilliant Future with the Roots of Creativity and Inspiration”

The Ace of Wands represents an Energetic and Spiritual Shift in Consciousness. An Inner Portal is Open, All is Aligning, and You are being Invited and Called to Walk Through.

Stay Grounded In Truth

Stay Grounded in the truth of your Higher Self by being vigilant over your thoughts. Thoughts create your energy, vibration, and reality. Call upon Archangel Michael to cut all toxic cords, be it to people, situations, or thoughts. Shift your mental perspective from fear to love. To stop habitual negative thoughts, move from your mind into your heart. If the negative mental chatter is overwhelming, move your body, do yoga, dance, sing, go outside, break your routine. We are all on the Wheel of Life with all its highs and lows. And, we are experiencing very potent energies as the Lions Gate portal is open and reaching it’s peak on 8/8. This is a powerful Gateway and Alignment, and it is normal for unresolved issues and past trauma to come up. Trust and know that wherever you find yourself on the wheel, this too shall pass, and you will rise again. It is your destiny. And as the beautiful Star card represents, hope and inspiration are on their way. Hold on! Breathe, trust, and keep going.

DNA Activation September

Originally posted on Heart Star:
Hello dear All, Welcome to this month’s 10-10 DNA activation (10-9-2017=10-9-10), which is enhanced through the flow of the 9-9 Gate ~ a high focus of Angelic Light into and around the Earth to all life here, through the emerald green light vibration of healing, refreshment and new life. For…

Release Your Worries And Be A Gateway Of Light – Star West ★

51115 Financial and external concerns may be causing you stress and worry. This is a reminder to change your perceptions and beliefs about money. You may be carrying around subconscious beliefs about money going back to when you were five years old. It is likely that you picked these up from one of your Parents. This is an opportunity for you to get in touch with these feelings so that you can begin to release them. You can affirm abundance, but if deep down you really don’t believe it’s possible, then it will be very difficult to manifest it as the Universe responds to your subconscious as well as your conscious beliefs. It would be helpful to journal your thoughts, memories, and deep beliefs about money. The number five is all about change and here you are being asked to change your beliefs concerning money. The external things you are worrying about may also include health, work, creativity or relationships. The more you worry and believe in lack, fear, and not enough, the more this will be mirrored back to you in your external manifestations which will reaffirm your lack. Worry keeps you in the past and future and takes you out of the present where solutions and opportunities await. The way to dissolve worry is to stay fully grounded in the present, and avoid getting pulled into future concerns or past experiences. Deal with situations as they come up in the present one at a time. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. As you do the work of releasing your old beliefs, letting go of the past, casting off the chains of the ego, and making the changes you need to make, you will be able to create a new level of prosperity and freedom in every area of your life. Do the inner work of visualizing where you want to be not just tomorrow, but over the long term. The Star card is about having absolute confidence in yourself and allowing your inner light to radiate. Know that you are an opening for light, a gateway through which the Divine can manifest. Trust, keep the Faith, open your heart and extend compassion to all. Be willing to help others who have less and are in need. This opens up the flow of abundance.

Step Through The Gateway of Divine Love & Light – By Star West ★


This marks the end of a cycle for you and for all as we pass through the Solstice portal of light. The energies of love have reached unprecedented levels, and as such all things that are not of love will come up to be revealed and released. Let your Angels and this song comfort you as you pass through a new gateway and a new beginning if you so choose. The song is: Song Of The Soul, by Cris Williamson. Right click and click open link in a new tab to hear the song while you read the message. The video is also beautiful and you may want to watch it later.

Your Divine Life purpose includes teaching, whether it’s through holding the energy of love for others, being kind to strangers, counseling friends and family, writing, speaking, or through healing work. There are many ways to teach. Trust that you are more than qualified, as you have done this for lifetimes. Know that you are backed up and fully supported by all of Heaven. As you step more fully into your role as a teacher and follow your heart and the calling of your soul, all of your needs will be abundantly supplied and you shall want no more.


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Today, I trust the flow of life by Star West


Today’s reading – Magical Messages from the Fairies Deck.

Now is the time! The universal energies have aligned perfectly and have opened a gateway for you to easily step through.  No further preparations are needed. Take advantage of the Divine Timing and move forward, one step at a time. The daughter card signifies that a younger female, most likely your daughter, is pivotal in the answer to your question. She is very intuitive and knows how to help you, no matter how young she is. Spend extra time bonding. You could be the daughter, or it could also be your inner child. Easy does it! Let go of fears and flow with life. Trust.

Affirm: Today, I trust the flow of life.

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