Seek the Truth for the Truth Shall Set You Free

There is a Brilliant Plan in place being carried out successfully by the Forces of Light. As the Energies continue to rise in frequency and all truth comes to Light, it will empower us to become Sovereign Beings. But first, it will shock us to see the extent of the darkness and the lies we have been told. This will create much cognitive dissonance for many. It is essential to be willing to consider new information that contradicts what we have previously accepted as truth if we are to evolve. Use your own discernment, do your research. Stay in your heart and out of fear. Things may get a little bumpy soon.
Focus on our Glorious New Earth on the other side of this and the remembrance of who You truly are.
Hold on to your hats!

Embrace the Changes! – Star West ★


Your life is changing and you may feel afraid of the unknown or like you have no control.  It is time to say goodbye to the past and the old and welcome the new with hope and faith. All of the experiences, lessons, and love will remain with you always like treasures. You are evolving and moving to the next level. It is like a graduation. Celebrate your changes and new life! Be filled with hope and excitement of what is coming. You are never alone, and you are deeply loved. New people and friends are waiting for you. Breathe deeply, stay positive and relax. Know that everything is going to be more than okay even if you can’t see how right now. Leave the hows to Heaven. Your Parents on Earth and in Heaven love you deeply.

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