Embrace The New -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue. Click on the picture to see and notice what comes to you.

You are going through a period of accelerated spiritual growth. This may trigger a mixture of different feelings: confusion, excitement, fear, and wonder. Release all of these feelings to God and the Angels and trust the process. You don’t need to figure it all out right now. Embrace the New Year and new energies. Be open to the new and be willing to go beyond the old and familiar. Go beyond your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be stretched and grow. The Angels urge you to take care of your physical body which houses your spirit by day. Eat healthy food, exercise, and avoid toxins. Release what no longer serves.

Embrace The New -by Star West


You are a natural Healer. Trust that the Universe works through you as an Earth Healing Angel. Step back and release whatever challenge you’re currently dealing with so that healing light can enter it. Give it space and surround the situation in love and affirm: “Everything is in Divine and perfect order right now.” The powerful effects of your healing work touch many lives. Accept and believe that now. What are your intentions and expectations? Your intentions create your experiences and your reality. As we approach the end of the year, it is time to take inventory and think about what you want to manifest for the upcoming brand New Year. Choose and infuse your intentions with love. It is time to embrace the new in your life. Be open and release old ways of being and doing that are no longer serving you. It is a time of new beginnings on all levels. Embrace it now.

Begin Again -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the 3 decks of: Indigo Angel, Angel Tarot, and Healing With The Angels. Click on the picture to see clearly, and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you.

The Angels and all of Heaven are standing by waiting to be invited into your life. They respect your free will and will not intervene unless specifically asked. If you are feeling stuck or confused, ask them for guidance. They will gladly give you signs and point you in the right direction and lead you to the next best step. Take some time to integrate any new energies you may be feeling. Regroup and reflect. See things from a different viewpoint. Get in touch with your own power. Stay positive, be grateful and generous. Begin again. Embrace the new in your life. Release the old and familiar, especially if it is no longer serving you. Call upon the Angels when the new scares you. They will surround you with loving energies.

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