Stay The Course – By Star West ★


Stay the course. Whatever you’re experiencing right now,  it is important to keep going and work through it. There are important lessons and tools here for you to use that will help you to fulfill your Divine Purpose. Now is not the time to escape or make extreme moves. Once you work through what you are feeling, things will become clear. Choose the pathway that leads you closer to your purpose, and let go of temporary distractions. You are being called to leadership and these lessons will help you get there. Remember to ask your Angels, Guides, and Higher Self for guidance and help. Be aware of how the energy of others affects you. As a sensitive person, you easily absorb others energies, or shut people off entirely. Be aware of when to open up and when not to. Friendships and relationships are essential. We all need each other.

It is Time To Step Into Your Divine Purpose -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from 3 decks: Indigo Angel, Magical Unicorns, and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and notice your thoughts and feelings.

Your Divine Purpose is something you chose to experience on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. It is up to you to choose the path that leads you closer to your purpose, and release the things that don’t. As an Indigo, and highly sensitive person, lightworker, intuitive, empath, starseed, you have come to help the planet ascend into higher levels of consciousness and frequency. This is the truth of your purpose and it is time to step into it. Rather than wait for Heaven or someone else to tell you what to do next, Heaven is waiting for you to decide what it is you want. Your decision will open the doors for you. Walk through with grace and ease. It is time.

It is Time to be the Spiritual Warrior You Came Here To Be -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading is from the deeply beautiful Indigo Angel deck. This deck was especially formulated for the highly sensitives among us, and everyone who feels a Higher calling. Call upon Archangel Metatron often for help and guidance. Click on the picture to see clearly.

Learn Something New: This card is an indication that there is new information waiting for you. When this card comes up, it is often a calling to start or complete something that you already know on a deep level that you are being called to do. Let this be your confirmation that the time is now. It is also time to break out of your comfort zone and try new things. Take it one step at a time, but keep moving forward. Follow your dreams and calling, even if they don’t seem to make sense. They will.

Your Divine purpose is something you chose to experience on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You are being asked to focus on your Higher calling , choose the path that leads you there, and release temporary distractions. Your Divine purpose is to bring about the changes our Planet needs as we shift into the next level of Higher consciousness. It is time for you to realize just how powerful and essential your role in this great shift is and your call to leadership!

Expression: It is time for you to speak your truth. This is a big part of your Divine purpose and why you are here. For so long, people have not spoken up and has a result humanity has been disempowered and lived under the tyrannical control of the few in power. All that is about to change, and you are one of the spiritual warriors in charge of initiating that shift. Ask the Angels to guide you in ways that allow you to be heard. Be sensitive to others in expressing your opinions and concerns.

Congratulations On Your Transformation- by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from Archangel Michael. He is the Angel of courage, confidence, strength, protection and Life Purpose. He will heal you of fear and toxic energies and show you the next step on your Divine path. Call upon him often. When he is near you will feel a great warmth.

Archangel Michael says that fear is the only thing keeping you from the happiness, love, and life that you want. He will gladly help you release fear and pain from the past when called upon. Allow yourself to receive this powerful love and support.

You’re on the right path! This card is a validation of that. You’ve been asking and allowing and releasing all that no longer serves. Keep listening to your inner guidance. Trust that all your needs will be met as you move forward on your path.

A new day is dawning upon you now. Keep allowing these inner changes to transform you. You are transforming the world.

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