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Remember to ask your Angels and Guides for help! They can only help you at your request and they are always standing by. Be open to how the help may come. To hear their guidance more clearly, purify your diet and thoughts. Release addictions and habits. This will help to raise your vibration so that you may more clearly receive Divine Guidance and share it with others.

It is Time to Follow Your Calling -By Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Magical Messages from the Fairies, Life Purpose, and Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards, all by Doreen Virtue. Click on the picture to see and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you. Today’s message stresses the importance of diet and shifting to a more natural, vegetarian, vegan, healthy, and organic way of eating and the positive effects this will have on all aspects of your life. You are an Earth Angel, and prior to your incarnation, you pledged to commit your life to helping the planet. It is now time to honor that pledge and fulfill your soul purpose. Your love and passion will lead you to the right area. You may be feeling a call to switch to a more environmentally related career such as working with animals, plants, crystals, energy, or healing. Notice what issues trigger your passion and concern. “Whenever you think, Someone should do something about this, know that this someone is you!” Your dreams concerning fulfilling your soul purpose are on their way to you in even greater ways than you can now imagine. It is important that you stay positive and follow any guidance that comes to you. You may feel strongly to call someone or go somewhere out of the blue.  Trust that this is Divine guidance leading you Home.

Today’s Reading! -by Star West

Today's Reading!

Today’s Reading! Using-Magical Messages From the fairies Deck

The more you heal, the more love is possible

Naturally, this reading can mean different things to different people.
Please feel free to share what it may mean to you.
LOVE LIFE- This can be about your love for your own life or with someone else. The more love that is put out, the more healing will occur.
YOU’VE GOT THE POWER!- We are all so powerful, contrary to what we have been told. Use it now for healing, resolving issues and manifesting what you need. Speak your truth-follow your intuition and the guidance that it gives. Focus on solutions, let go of blame, give or receive energy healing. You can do it!
DIETARY CHANGE- This is the same card from 2 days ago! Interesting how that happens! Pay xtra attention to it! Your body is becoming increasingly sensitive and you are being guided to switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle. This will help you to fulfill your life purpose.

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