Open Your Heart And Be Real – By Star West ★


Raise your vibration in love by extending compassion to every living being, including yourself. Open your heart and be real. Be willing to be vulnerable and drop your defenses, even though you’ve been hurt in the past. Love more and think less. Open yourself to experience love now. Call upon Mother Mary and Archangel Michael to act as your shield so that you can be open and protected simultaneously. It is time and you are safe. Release addictive substances and patterns, including the more subtle habitual, limiting, and negative thinking. Ask Archangel Raphael for help: “Archangel Raphael, I now release all former addictions, both seen and unseen to you and Heaven. Please cut all of the roots, cords, and webs attached to these addictions, and lift them to the light for transmutation and healing. Thank you and Amen.” Repeat as needed. Surround yourself in his emerald green light and use the Violet Flame as well to transmute everything into love.

All Is Well -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Daily Guidance From Your Angels. Click on the picture and notice your first thoughts and feelings.

THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT: “You are safe and this situation is under the perfect control of Divine Providence and Universal order. Only infuse loving thoughts and emotions into the situation to ensure that the highest possible outcome flows effortlessly to and through you.”  The Angels would like you to stop worrying as worry is a form of prayer that draws to you, like a magnet, that which you do not want. Release your fears and worries to Heaven and the Angels. You are safe and you are love. There is a need to ground yourself, especially if you’ve been having trouble focusing, concentrating, or have been feeling confused, spacey, or forgetful. Balance your focus between spirit and earth. Walk barefoot and go outside. Be real and authentic in all you say and do, and in all your relationships. When one door closes, another one opens. What may seem to be a problem or a challenge is actually the answer to your prayers. If something appears lost, trust that it will be replaced with something so much better. All is well.

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