Today’s Message is all about Balance. Balancing your heart with your thoughts and words. Be extra mindful with your energy and your words. One wrong word, even said jokingly, can trigger a whole series of negative reactions. And the problem with words is that you can’t unsay them or take them back. Be extra mindful, because you never know what people are going through or what can set them off.

We are in a time of cleansing and many old feelings and unresolved issues will be coming up to be healed. Basically, anything not in Alignment with Love must go.

On the World Stage, so much is happening publicly and behind the scenes. Tensions are running high. Most importantly, don’t buy into the lower frequency of fear. Trust that there is a Divine Plan being carried out in perfect Divine Timing.

To assist it, stay in your heart and in every situation, take the High Road. All is well and proceeding as planned.

Just Be Love -by Star West


Today’s reading comes from Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. Click on the picture and notice what thoughts and feelings come to you.

Your soul purpose  involves your deep affinity for sacred and spiritual books. Take your love for books to the next level, whatever that may look like for you. Perhaps an answer you’ve been looking for is revealed in a book or maybe you are feeling called to write one yourself. Take some definite action toward your book related dreams and call upon Archangel Gabriel, the messenger and communication Angel. It is time to heal from any pain related to your parents that is still within you. If your mother or father is in Heaven, then they send you this card as a way of saying “I love you.” Realize that your parents have loved you eternally to the best of their ability and release all pain still within you related to them to Heaven in exchange for peace. You have asked (a lot!) about your soul purpose. The answer is: Teach love by being love. You are a true Earth Angel. Your main purpose is to just be love. It is who and what you are.

Choose Love -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from 3 different decks: Indigo Angel, Healing With The Angels, and Magical Unicorns. Click on the picture to see each card clearly and pay attention to whatever thoughts and feelings come up for you.

Know and believe that you are loved unconditionally by God and the Angels. They are always on your side. Ask Archangel Michael to cut away all fear, as fear is the opposite of love. Release fear and choose love. Pour out your concerns to him. Remember he is beyond time and space and is able to be with people simultaneously. You are never burdening him and no concern is too small. And finally, keep it simple. Focus on what truly matters and let everything else go. Choose Love.

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