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This is a time to bring balance into all areas of your life. Stay grounded and balance all of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The Angel in the picture is holding a pitcher of liquid light in front of the pyramids. Whenever you feel yourself getting off center or losing focus, call upon this beautiful Angel and visualize her pouring a beautiful diamond liquid light through all of your chakras, balancing them and bringing you peace. Remember that you always have the power in each moment to bring things back into peaceful balance. As you take care of yourself, the Universe takes care of you. You are needed to bring back the balance of light onto the Planet.


It Is Time To Be The Warrior That You Are – Star West ★


Hold on and stay strong. The Angel of Strength is around you and within you. Call upon her now. Be the Warrior that you are. Take greater control in focusing your intentions, directing your own destiny and manifesting your dreams into reality. If you have a pattern of feeling financially limited, it may be time to honestly look at your thoughts surrounding money. You may still be carrying deep subconscious thoughts and patterns from childhood and contracts and vows made in this and other lifetimes. In order to move forward, you need to sever and release these. This is a wonderful healing video that talks about releasing them at 20:10.

Healing -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from the ARCHANGEL ORACLE CARDS. Today’s song is Angel by Sarah McLaclan. Right click and open link in a new tab to listen while you’re reading the message.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He can only help you if you ask. Then be open to how the help comes. It could come through a song, an intuitive feeling, another person or direct intervention. If you receive any repetitive guidance, it’s important that you follow it. Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed,” based upon the Hebrew word rapha, which means “doctor or “healer.” You may call upon him to help you or on behalf of someone else as long as they agree. He will never interfere with anyone’s free will if they refuse help. He helps with addictions and cravings, clairvoyance, eyesight, healers, healing for humans and animals, space clearing, spirit releasement,and travelers. Ask him to surround anything needing healing with his emerald-green aura. The crystals that are aligned with his healing energy are emerald and malachite.

Ancient Wisdom Lives In You -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck. This is a wonderful deck to work with the Angels and bring healing and guidance into your life. Click on the picture to see the cards clearly and pay attention to any thoughts and feelings that come up.

The Angels are always sending you messages through your physical and emotional feelings and your thoughts. Listen and trust your feelings and act on them right away. The Angels may be trying to get your attention to offer guidance on how to take appropriate action.  You are hearing their messages in various ways: repetitive songs, an overheard conversation, a comment from a friend or stranger or words you hear in your mind. Their messages are always loving, positive, uplifting and helpful. Ask Archangel Michael: “I now ask you to vacuum and clear any lower energies in my physical ears or ear chakras. I am willing to release anything painful that I’ve ever heard, in exchange for clarity in my ability to hear the voice of love and the Angels.”

You are carrying ancient wisdom from previous lifetimes inside of you. Allow it to guide you now, in the present by trusting your gut feelings and hunches. Those intuitive impulses result from the knowledge you’ve gained in an earlier life-TRUST it! People from your past lives may be making themselves known to you now. Some of these karmic ties may have been painful in the past, but now you are being given a wonderful opportunity to balance and heal that karma and release the reincarnation cycle if you so choose. Release any old buried pain, now and forever.

You Are Safe -by Star West


Today’s reading is from the Archangel Oracle Cards.

“Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there’s no such thing as being too sensitive.” Honor your gift of sensitivity as it helps you to feel the truth of people and situations. Always trust your intuitions and deepest feelings. It is especially important for you to avoid harsh situations and chemicals. Diet is very important for you, eat only life affirming foods. Haniel’s color is a beautiful soft bluish-white light. Visualize yourself surrounded with this light which dissolves any lower energies and transmutes them into love. This light also helps you distinguish your own feelings from others. Call upon Haniel especially when you feel self doubt or bad about yourself. She will lift you up and help you see your true beauty.

Call upon Archangel Michael for confidence, courage and protection. Release your worries to him in exchange for peace, Focus on light and love instead of fear. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t. You are free when you are fearless. When you ask for Michael’s protection, know that you are completely safe and that his protection is flawless. Michael’s primary role is to escort the lower energies of fear. Call upon him whenever you feel fear or anxiety and he will bring you peace. You can also ask him to clear your environment of toxic energies and to protect you when driving and at all times. After you call upon him, you will notice a warm feeling because of his fiery warrior energy. He can stay with you continuously as he is able to be with everyone simultaneously. No request is too small. You are safe.

Archangel Raguel is often referred to as The Archangel of Justice and Fairness. His main role is to create peace and harmony in relationships. Call upon him when you are having difficulty in your relationships. He will act as a mediator and come up with a creative resolution where everyone wins. This card comes to you as a confirmation that you have been successful in bringing peace to the situation. Trust the inner guidance you receive and know that changes may be uncomfortable but necessary. There are great gifts, soul growth, and lessons in all relationships even if it doesn’t appear that way.

Ask and it shall be given by Star West


Today’s reading is once again from the Indigo Angel Deck.  Archangel Metatron is the Angel who watches over the Indigos and highly sensitive people. Call upon him often for help and guidance.

If you are feeling stuck or confused, ask for a sign! Signs are some of the most clear and consistent ways that Angels interact with us. They can come in many ways, through number sequences, i.e, 1111, feathers in your path, synchronistic events, people, books, a song,  or guidance coming to you just when you need it. Don’t forget to ask! They respect your free will and they will never intervene, except for a life-threatening situation, without your request.

As an Indigo or highly sensitive person you have intense emotions. This card is a reminder to find a creative and positive release for your emotions so you can move forward freely and in peace. Ask the Angels to help you express yourself in loving and positive ways.  Don’t forget to breathe!

You may often have a hard time relating to others due to your heightened sensitivity and intense emotions. You easily pick up and absorb energy from others. This card is showing you how much the energy of other people is affecting you. Or it could be guiding you to open yourself up and let others in. Friendship is an exchange of energy and emotion, and as an Indigo, you connect more deeply than most, but can also be more closed off. Take time to consider how the energy or lack of friendship is affecting your thoughts and how you feel about yourself.  Ask the Angels for guidance with friendship.

Are You an Earth Angel? By Star West


Today’s Powerful Reading comes from the ANGEL THERAPY deck by Doreen Virtue. This is a wonderful deck to use for healing as each card gives you an action step to do. Click on the picture to see each card more clearly.

Are you an Earth Angel? If you are reading this, you probably are! This card comes to you as a response to your question about your Life Purpose. The answer is: TEACH ABOUT LOVE. You fulfill this whenever you’re centered, serene & loving, as that’s when you’re a living example of Divine Peace. You don’t need to say a word, write a book or work as a Healer in order to positively affect others. You just need to be loving and compassionate in your interactions with others. Those who are peaceful teach about Peace, which is the expression of Divine Love on Earth. You also received this card to help you cope with “alienation” issues, which means feeling different from others, or that you don’t belong.Has anyone else here ever experienced this? As an Earth Angel, you are never alone. The Angels are always with you, guiding, loving, and unconditionally accepting you as you are. There are also other Earth Angels living among you, who have similar backgrounds  and experiences as your own. Ask your Guardian Angels to connect you to like-minded friends and they will.

As an Earth Angel, you are extremely sensitive to energies which means that you may inadvertently absorb other people’s energies, which may make you feel tired, drained, unfocused, or upset. It is vital for you to shield yourself in light. This means imagining a bubble of protective light surrounding your entire body and energy field. Also you can ask Archangel Michael to protect you from lower energies. White light is for general protection. You can layer different colors for multiple purposes. Green is for healing, etc.

Earth Angels often are involved with Indigos. You may be one yourself or the Parent of one. I am!  Indigos are extremely gifted, very strong willed and are here to change the existing systems. Many Indigos are misunderstood or misdiagnosed with labels such as ADHD, because of their lightning-fast thinking and intuitive sensitivities. You can help Indigos maintain high self-esteem and a sense of purposeful direction so that they can use their natural talents to help us all.  Call upon Archangel Metatron for guidance dealing with Indigo children.

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