Divine Justice

Today’s Collective Message is about Divine and Karmic Justice, balancing the scales, and being accountable for your thoughts and actions. On a world scale, we will see clearly who has done what as all comes to Light. The Divine Feminine is rising and the balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine is being restored. We are nearing completion of one cycle and beginning another. It is an optimum time to tie up loose ends, make amends, and visualize the New Earth that you are co-creating with every breath, thought, feeling, and action.

Today’s Message

For today’s message, I asked where are we going as a Collective? How will we get there? What will it be like?

It will feel like a Homecoming, walking through a Gateway into a Higher, Loving Reality with much joy and celebration. To get there, we must go through a Collective Dark Night of the Soul, releasing fear, anguish, old programs, old pain and trauma. On the other side of this is Abundance, Divine Love, Freedom, Sovereignty and everything you have been dreaming of.

Hold the Vision

Come to stillness. Quiet your mind. Close your eyes. Connect within. Imagine the world you would like to see. What does it look like? How does it feel? The more you can hold the vision, the more quickly it will manifest. The 10 of Cups indicates that we are at the end of one cycle, and beginning a new one, otherwise know as Ascension, The Age of Aquarius, The Age of Light, A New Earth. We are Ascending from 3D to 5D. Everything that is not of love must go. We are in the midst of a Collective Awakening as well as a Collective detox. Hold the Light, the love, and the Vision.

Walk Through

“I Seed My Brilliant Future with the Roots of Creativity and Inspiration”

The Ace of Wands represents an Energetic and Spiritual Shift in Consciousness. An Inner Portal is Open, All is Aligning, and You are being Invited and Called to Walk Through.

Today’s Message 3/14/22

As the energies continue to rise, and more and more truth comes out, there will be shock, grief, and trauma to process both on a personal and Collective level. For many, this will feel like a Dark Night of the Soul, as both personal and Collective unhealed past trauma come up to be released and healed. Hold your Light on High. Be generous with your love, gifts, knowledge, and compassion. Be the Calm in the Storm. Once the storm passes and settles, the view will be breathtaking and Love will rule again. Your Time has come.

Today’s Message 3/13/23

Even though on the surface, it may look like things are falling apart, they are really clearing the way for something better. Rest in the Faith that the Light has already won. The corrupt old systems that have enslaved us for centuries are now being dismantled, and new systems that serve the Planet and all her inhabitants are coming on board. Trust in the Light and Visualize how your New Earth will be.

Today’s Message: 3/11/23

As the energies continue to rise, Collective and individual past trauma will be coming up to be seen, felt, released, and healed. It will be especially important to protect and shield your energy, and not react when you are triggered.

Keep your vibration high and hold love, light, and compassion for yourself and others. Much will be coming to light that may be shocking and disturbing to many. Your light and resources will be very needed. Take excellent care of your beautiful self.

Hold the Vision

Today’s Message:
The Energies support Renewed Strength in Love and New Beginnings. There has been much happening behind the scenes, the seeds have been planted, and are just about to sprout and be revealed to the World. Nothing can stop the Good that is coming. Hold the Vision.


Today’s Message:
This is a card of Homecoming, Celebration, and joy!
This is where we are going as a Collective. We are Ascending and coming Home……to our Highest Self 💙💙

As Above, So Below

Today’s Message:
Things will now be moving very fast to support Humanity’s Ascension into the Fifth Dimension, 5D.
Hold your Light high, work your Magic. As Above, So Below.

Graduation Time

Today’s Message:
Graduation time!
We are at the end of a long 26,000 year cycle as our Planet is evolving from 3D to 5D. In order to make this shift, we must go through the “Eye of the Needle” and release everything that is not of love.This includes old pain and patterns, trauma, childhood pain, and ego. This will involve forgiveness, surrender, and willingness. As you set this intention, the Universe will send you opportunities to trigger past pain. If you can stay present, neutral, aware, take some deep breaths and not react, you can shift and heal the past in the present moment. This doesn’t involve years of psychotherapy, it just requires a moment of your awareness and willingness to surrender and forgive.
As you practice this, it will heal you and bring all parts of you back into Balance and Alignment. As you heal, the Whole Planet heals. Your healing is a necessity! Now is the time.

You Are being Divinely Guided, One Page At A Time – By Star West ★


Fear is the only thing interfering with your happiness and plans. Release your fears and need to control the outcome. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Trust that everything is working out for your Highest good, and let God be in charge. Ask Archangel Michael to clear you of heavy,toxic,ego-based thoughts and feelings. You love to read and your life purpose is connected to the written word, however this applies to you. Perhaps a life changing book is calling to you, or you are being called to write. Maybe you’ll see a picture in a book that will open your heart and inspire you in a brand new direction. Stay open and pay attention to how this may manifest in your life. You are being Divinely guided, one page at a time. With the Full Moon, upcoming alignments and portals of energy opening up, you are especially sensitive to energies right now. Ask Archangel Michael to shield you from harsh and toxic energies. Also protect yourself by staying away from places that have lower energies and people who are toxic for you. Stay the course and trust the process.


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It is Time to be the Spiritual Warrior You Came Here To Be -by Star West ✭


Today’s reading is from the deeply beautiful Indigo Angel deck. This deck was especially formulated for the highly sensitives among us, and everyone who feels a Higher calling. Call upon Archangel Metatron often for help and guidance. Click on the picture to see clearly.

Learn Something New: This card is an indication that there is new information waiting for you. When this card comes up, it is often a calling to start or complete something that you already know on a deep level that you are being called to do. Let this be your confirmation that the time is now. It is also time to break out of your comfort zone and try new things. Take it one step at a time, but keep moving forward. Follow your dreams and calling, even if they don’t seem to make sense. They will.

Your Divine purpose is something you chose to experience on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You are being asked to focus on your Higher calling , choose the path that leads you there, and release temporary distractions. Your Divine purpose is to bring about the changes our Planet needs as we shift into the next level of Higher consciousness. It is time for you to realize just how powerful and essential your role in this great shift is and your call to leadership!

Expression: It is time for you to speak your truth. This is a big part of your Divine purpose and why you are here. For so long, people have not spoken up and has a result humanity has been disempowered and lived under the tyrannical control of the few in power. All that is about to change, and you are one of the spiritual warriors in charge of initiating that shift. Ask the Angels to guide you in ways that allow you to be heard. Be sensitive to others in expressing your opinions and concerns.

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