Clear and Recommit To Your Path


Clear your energy on a regular basis. Ask AAMichael to vacuum out any negative energies you may have absorbed. Fill yourself with light and send it out in love and gratitude. Listen to your inner guidance and recommit to your path and fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose. Remember to ask for help. There is much available.

Walk Through The Door To Your Heart


Keep your eyes and heart open for a new beginning in your life or something you have been working on coming to fruition. Anything you value is open to you now. Remain conscious and creative, and get ready to walk through the door.  The Angel of Love surrounds you now, radiating loving vibrations and bringing you compassion, love, and affection. She is smiling on you and creating connections in the energetic realm. If you are looking for new love, or to deepen an existing one, this is your time. Remember to extend love and compassion to yourself first, as this will influence the energetic potential of love coming to you significantly. Be prepared to welcome a new man into your life, whether romantically or someone who will be very helpful with family issues and personal projects. This could also indicate balancing your masculine energy. For men, this signals emotional healing and clarity in your purpose.

Release And Heal, Release and Heal, Release and Heal


Release whatever is binding you to the illusion, whether it’s your thoughts, habits, addictions, or way of being. Let the past go. It has no power over you in the reality of now, except for the power you give it. Free yourself and untie that patterns that have held you down and back for so long. Be conscious, not fearful. Even the worst storm passes. Remember that you always have the power and wisdom to handle whatever comes your way. Whatever has hurt you in the past, you are now free to move forward. Open your heart to the love of Heaven now by releasing, healing, and forgiving the past. You are loved unconditionally and eternally by many.

Relax, and Move Out of Your Own Way


Take time to meditate, rest, and relax! Find time to just  let go. Allow yourself to go within and open to the peace and wisdom that are vibrating there.  Your connection to Spirit can only be achieved through regular relaxation and meditation. When you hurry and rush without a break, it fragments your energy which causes frustration and frustrating experiences.  Be careful not to let endless tasks take you away from your Self. This is a time for you to find out what your true passion is and how to express that through your work and career. Some more research and information may be needed and the Angels and guides will lead you to the right place. Pay special attention to recurring thoughts, feelings, and ideas that encourage you to take a class, read a book, etc. Put yourself out there beyond your comfort zone and illusions of security. Move out of your own way. The doors of light are open.

Let Your Words Flow With Love


There is someone ready to lead you to higher knowledge, light, and clarity. She represents the feminine energy. This could be an actual person, a guide or your Higher feminine self. She is guiding you to find your voice and let your wisdom shine.  A relationship and new beginnings are at hand. This could be a romantic or a business partnership or a deepening of an already existing relationship.  Most important is to love and believe in yourself and balance your own femininity and masculinity.  Watch how you speak to yourself. When you start to go into self judgement or criticism, instead tell yourself that you love yourself unconditionally. Before you can love another, you must love yourself. Archangel Gabriel is sending you powerful energy to your throat chakra. He opens you up to truthful expression with yourself and others. Your soul longs for this. Let your words flow with love.

The Doorways of Light Are Open


“Now the doorways to the worlds of Light are open. When you feel negative, now you have a choice. Instead of looking at the negative, shift your attention to the Light. You can do a simple affirmation, “I am Cosmic Light!” Close your eyes and relax. In this relaxed state, look into the Light and become it. Feel the Light moving through you and surrounding you everywhere.
When someone around you is full of negativity, once again look into the Light inside of your heart and send that Light to that person. We don’t have to get upset with them. Instead, send them your Light. A simple gift of Light will brighten their consciousness and remove the darkness that surrounds them. “All Beings are full of Light.” This is an affirmation that we use at the beginning of each day.

Life on earth has trained us to look at our problems. But no answer ever comes in the dark. If we just shift our attention to the Light, we will see more positive possibilities.
Light expands our consciousness and shows us more positive options. The greatest gift we can give to our world happens when we visualize everyone filled with Light. Our world will change. Now that the doorways to the worlds of Light are open, many beings of Light are here with us. If we ask for the Light, they will add their Light to our Light and double our potential to have a happier life. You are not alone. The masters are with you. Ask them to help you to remember the Light and increase it in your life every day. Do this and your world will change.”

~Bob Fickes

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