See Through Heaven’s Eyes – By Star West ★


Stay positive no matter what is presently happening in your life and in the world. Trust and have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a resurrection after the crucifixion, a rainbow after the storm. Look for the blessings in your current situation. What are the lessons and gifts? Is it making you stronger, wiser, and more compassionate? You are learning important lessons that will help you fulfill your life purpose. The more you look for blessings, the more will come to you. Ask to see through Heaven’s eyes. Find anything to be grateful for.  Release any concerns you may be having about your family and friends. Whatever it is, know that God has a perfect plan and the answers you seek. Since worry can attract negative experiences, it’s essential to give Heaven any and all anxiety about your loved ones. Forgive everyone involved. Approach your current situation gently. Honor your deep sensitivity which is one of your spiritual gifts that allows you to feel the presence of Mother Mary and the Angels. Trust your feelings and speak your truth with love. Maintain your boundaries. Be nice, but assertive at the same time. Keep your heart open so that you can clearly hear Heaven’s guidance. Trust and ask for the highest and best outcome for all concerned. Heaven is listening. Today’s song is: There is a Ship, By Peter, Paul & Mary. . This post is lovingly dedicated to Bonita and her son, Zander. Please send your prayers their way.


This Too Shall Pass – By Star West ★


With the huge influx of light from the recent Equinox, most likely old feelings are coming up to be released. It is important to not judge yourself but to love yourself instead. Remember you are releasing lifetimes upon lifetimes upon lifetimes of negativity, fear, and karma. The more you can release them, the more you can receive the light and the love that is here for you now. Although these feelings feel so real, they are not who you are. Let them go with love, and thank them for bringing you this far. Bid them farewell and transmute them into love. Take some time to relax and surround yourself with things that nurture you. It is natural to feel tired from all this heavy lifting. Sleep if you need to. Be in solitude and peace. This too shall pass. And when it does you will feel lighter and more energized to create the life of your dreams.

Forgiveness Is The Way To Peace And Love – By Star West ★


Choose to see the love, light and innocence in all, including yourself. Focus on love instead of fear. Release all past mistakes and feelings of guilt. Forgive yourself and everyone else for everything. Forgiveness leads you to peace and love. It is the way. Release and surrender any situations, worries and concerns to Heaven. Trust that whatever the problem, the solution is already here. It is helpful and healing to write down your feelings and ask your Higher Self for guidance. You may be surprised by the wisdom, clarity and love that will answer you through your own hand.


Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

photonbeltmetratronOn the 22nd of your September, you are all going to enter a photonic belt of light, for as your solar system has indeed stepped foot onto the new accord, the planet on which all of you re are finding yourselves shall take the next step in its evolutionary process, bringing with it, the peace and harmony of the ages past and the ages that are yet to come. A photonic belt of purple recognition principles shall roll out a new set of accords for your planet. The portals of the past shall reintegrate with the portals of the NOW moment of time.

Your ego shall be transformed into a new state of being. Your ego is not going to disappear, it shall simply take a backseat to your thought processes, and you shall begin to see the world through a different set of eyes.

You shall begin to…

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