Open Your Heart To Receive Heaven’s Gifts -By Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. Click on the picture and notice what comes up for you.

Surround yourself with all things positive! The more you can, the quicker your dreams will come into being. If your desire is to be in a great soulmate relationship, this is a good time to create one or maintain one. Let it happen naturally and enjoy the process. Dance with the movement that your manifestation has created for you. Let Heaven take care of the details. By nature, you are a giver, and you help so many people. It is time for you to receive graciously and allow others to also receive the joy of giving. Open your heart to receive Heaven’s gifts. By receiving, you balance the masculine and feminine energies within you, and swim in the flow of life, washing away old stale energy, and allowing the new,  and your highest good to come to you. The act of receiving is healing and a powerful step in the manifestation process.

About Star West

Angel Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Empath, Pleiadian Starseed, Photographic Artist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner

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