Stay, Love, and Release -by Star West ✭


Today’s message comes from the Indigo Angel deck. The term Indigo refers to strong willed extremely sensitive people who have a global mission to bring truth and integrity to the Planet. All angels watch over Indigos, but Archangel Metatron is especially involved with them. He was the first human prophet (Enoch) to ascend into the archangel realm. Call upon him often to navigate through harsh energies and to remember who you truly are. Click on the picture to see it more clearly.

Stay where you are. This card is asking you not to run away from a troubling situation. It is not yet complete and there is something more for you to learn. It is better not to make any extreme moves right now. There are important lessons to learn right now that later on will make perfect sense. When the time comes to make a change, the signs will be undeniable. Hang in there!

Mother Mary is known as the “Queen of the Angels” as she is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. This card calls for you to see yourself and all the people in your life with this same love. She can help you to embrace your gifts and talents and to honor yourself in every moment. She helps all children and encourages you to do the same. Call upon her especially when you doubt yourself and she will show you how far you have come and what a gift you are to the Planet.

This current situation is causing you to hold on to something the Angels would like you to release. Physical activity is important right now and will help in processing and releasing emotions. Break up your routine. Step out of your box. Shake it up.

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Angel Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Empath, Pleiadian Starseed, Photographic Artist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner

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