Release Your Highest, Truest Essence To The World

Card of the Day: Judgement Light Seers Tarot Deck

We are in the midst of the Greatest Awakening ever experienced on Earth.
It is happening within. Awaken to your Truest and Highest Self. Set yourself free by releasing judgement of yourself and others. Forgive everyone for everything.
“Drop the masks behind the masks.
To expand and evolve requires this colossal forgiveness of the Self”
It is time. We are coming Home. Home is within. 💙💙💙💙

Will You Carry the Cup of Love Today?

Card of the Day: Knight of Cups
Deck: Aquarian Tarot

Carry your Cup of Love out into the World.
Armour yourself in Love 💙💙

Forgive Everyone For Everything

3 of Cups, Aquarian Tarot

Set Yourself Free ~Star West

Today’s Message:
Cut the cords that bind you, and release old belief systems that no longer serve you and your way forward. Step out of the shadows, illusions, distortions, and untruths. Don’t let others pull your chain! Listen and follow your own inner truth and knowing. Take back your Power. Set yourself free. Now would be a good time.

Go For It! ~Star West

Today’s Message:
Take a leap of faith!
Shift your energy from fear(the lowest vibration) to LOVE (the highest vibration).
Go for it! Charge forward confidently and passionately into your dreams. Seize the moment of inspiration without hesitation.
Now is the time and the answer is a loud, resounding YES!!!!!

Superlunaris Tarot Deck
I love this deck!!!! 💙💙

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