Break Free From All That Is Holding You Back – By Star West


Break free from whatever it is that is holding you back and keeping you stuck. It could be a physical situation, but more than likely,  it is a thought pattern. Thoughts create reality. Give yourself a break. Rest your mind and body. Nurture yourself. Would your treat your children the way you treat yourself? Are you beating yourself up for things you said and did in the past?  Or perhaps you feel you should be further along in this now moment. Love and accept yourself just as you are, where you are right now. In this way, you will become unstuck and allow the energy to flow through you and to you. Allow the waves of love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and abundance to wash over you. Sometimes you need do nothing else but allow. This is one of those times.

Today’s song: Redemption Song by Bob Marley


It is Time To Completely Love and Forgive Yourself and Everyone Else too. By Star West☆


As the energies continue to rise with the recent eclipse and even more so with the upcoming Equinox,  it is important to give yourself plenty of rest on all levels. What is coming  up for you? Most likely it is an old reoccurring issue that still needs to be healed. Allow yourself to be with it, acknowledge, and feel it. Truly forgive yourself and anyone else you may be blaming or still holding hostage. Once you realize that the only one who can withhold love from you is you, you are free. Any love you feel outside of yourself is only a reflection of the love  already within you. God within you is the Source of your love, not another person. Love and forgive yourself and anyone and everyone else. It is time. Remember to ask your Angels, and your Higher Self for help. They are all standing by awaiting your request.

Nurture And Love Your Dreams Into Reality -Star West ★


In order to manifest your dreams, you have to believe you deserve them by loving and nurturing your self. Your dreams in their beginning stages are fragile and delicate like a baby growing inside of you, and must be nurtured and loved in order to manifest. Perhaps more research and education is necessary. Explore your options. Keep your thoughts positive and focus on what it is you want. Remember, you are a powerful Creator and what you think and focus on becomes your reality. No, Heaven has not abandoned you. Your team of Angels, Guides, Higher Self, and loved ones who have crossed over are always at your side. Surrender your fears and anxieties to Heaven in exchange for Peace. It’s a good deal!

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