Release, Release, Release

Work with Earth’s abundant healing gifts of crystals, sunshine, water, nature for healing, clearing, and support. Be extra mindful of your thoughts and words, as they are manifesting quickly into physical form. Cancel, clear, and delete any negative ones from the past and as they arise. Release, release, release what no longer serves you.

Shield Yourself With Divine Light

Shield Youself With Divine Light
Being among the most deeply sensitive, empathic Beings upon the Planet, it is essential to shield yourself with Light. We are experiencing the Greatest Transformation ever experienced in Earth’s History both internally and externally. No one will be untouched. Many will experience chaos and confusion. We are here to shift the Collective Consciousness and hold space for all. We did not come here alone. We all have a loving team of Higher and Ascended Beings around us. Call upon them often for shielding, guidance, and protection.
Hold your Light high in loving service to All.
Deep Gratitude to You for Being here Now.

Sunday Meditation July 15

Originally posted on LoveLight Meditation Circle:
Greetings all LoveLights ❤ Welcome, and thank you all for joining in this weekend’s meditation. 🙂  We’re flowing this meditation with Divine Rose energies, in connection with the close presence of star family from Venus, and anchoring the ‘vibrational rose geometry’ of Venus’s 8 year orbit cycle as seen…

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